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NEC Further Postpones Fall Sports

Shaun McAvoy 22’

Associate Sports Editor

Unfortunately for Merrimack College, over the course of the past weekend, the Northeast Conference (NEC) made the decision to move back the fall sports season. This postponement follows the initial one made back in the end of July, and now the decision on fall sports is being pushed back to Nov. 25 at the latest. 

The NEC initially postponed the fall sports season due to health and safety concerns regarding COVID-19. Their current decision was based on the reevaluation of how COVID-19 is impacting campuses throughout the conference as well as the ability to compete following regulations in order to keep all student athletes, along with the campuses that they reside at, safe. 

The NCAA recently made the decision to move all fall sports championships to the spring for this year. Given this decision, the NEC will be exploring the possibility of competing for fall sports during the spring semester, if there is a safe environment in which they can compete.