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Infant Res Halls Face Flaws

Matthew Kent ’15, Staff Writer 

Arguably the nicest Residence Halls on this campus seem to be facing some issues only about 5 months after their construction.  Upon the return of winter break, many students seemed to notice some problems with the buildings that arose over break.  Some of the doors in Houses 4 and 5 would stay propped open and not lock.  The metal draft guards along the bottom of some of the doors were brushing against the concrete causing the guard to partly fall off not allowing the door to fully close and lock.  These issues persisted for the first week of classes but were recently taken care of and have since been a non-issue.

After talking with some of the residents of House 4 room 406, it was brought to my attention that these were not the only issues they noticed upon return to the school.  In one of the upstairs bedrooms, about a quarter inch gap appeared between the ceiling and the wall, one that was not present at the end of the first semester (picture 1).   Aiden Kelly, a resident of the room, said it was the first thing he noticed when walking into his room this semester.  Another issue in this particular room was present on the stairs where a similar gap appeared where the edge of the stairs met the wall (picture 2).  These related issues seem to be a result of the new building setting over time.  Now obviously buildings will set over time but shouldn’t this have been accounted for when construction was taking place?

Besides the minor structural issues facing the new buildings, students overall seemed to be pleased with the buildings.  With a prime location in the heart of campus and a unique design there is not much to be disappointed about.  The only major question brought up is regarding the name of the buildings.  ‘New buildings’ and ‘New Res’ are the most common terms that have been floating around campus but the buildings have not yet been given an official name.  ‘Warrior Village’ has been discussed but not declared the official name due to conflicting beliefs about the use of the term “Warrior” as a name for residence halls.  Some believe the name provokes violence and that the term ‘Warrior’ should only have a presence on the athletic fields.  While ‘New Res’ is about as bland as it gets, that seems to be the winner for the time being. For now it’s a waiting game and maybe over the course of time another name will pop up, but there is no telling when.

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