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Matt’s NFL Dream Team (Current Player Edition)

Matt Cavoli

Offensive players: 

QB: Tom Brady

I don’t care that he’s 44, I’m taking TB12 over any other QB to lead my team. 

The leadership and winning mentality Brady has can make any player good. That’s why 

Tom Brady will be my starting quarterback on my NFL dream team (current player edition.)

Back up QB: Patrick Mahomes

No one is Tom Brady and no one will ever get close to being Tom Brady. 

Although when all is set and done, Patrick Mahomes will be in the race for 2nd best QB of all time. Mahomes can really do it all, there’s no real weakness in his game, and the scary part is… he’s only 26. He’s already so good and has accomplished so much. The only reason why Mahomes Isn’t starting is 7 rings over 1. 

Wide receiver: Tyrek Hill

Speed! That’s all that needs to be said about Tyrek Hill. No one can get open like and run past defenders like him. He is one of the best wide receivers and deep threats in the game, that is why Hill is my starting wide receiver on my 2021 dream team.

Wide receiver: Julio Jones

I understand that Julio is 32 and has been faced with some injuries, although who cares, It’s Julio Jones. Jones is still one of the best receivers in the game. He’s tall, fast, strong, and will catch anything you throw his way. If you don’t believe me that he’s still a top receiver in the league, watch what he does this season being completely healthy. 

Running back: Derrick henry

Derrick Henry is the 2nd coming of beast mode. Not a single defender in the league wants to go up against him. Henry is a big power back that has explosive speed and insane strength. If you dare get in the way of Henry when he’s on one of his big runs, expect to get a big stiff arm to the face. Henry is widely regarded as the best running back in today’s game. He’s putting up historic numbers and is only in his 5th NFL season. On my current day dream team, I want Henry to take over the running back position.

Running back: Christian Mccaffrey

When healthy, Christian Mccaffrey is the best receiving back in the league. He’ll lead his team in rushing and receiving each and every week. He’s a fantasy football owner’s dream come true. I’m taking MCcaffrey as my running back because he’s a star rusher and receiver all on one. 

Tight end: Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce is just too good. Tight ends are supposed to be blockers that sometimes catch. Kelce is a great blocker that just happens to be one of the best receivers in the league. He’ll easily put up over 1000 yards each year. He is definitely the best Tight end in the game right now. As much as I wanted to go younger with Little or Hockenson, I couldn’t pass on Kelce. 


 Bakhtiari has been the best OT in the NFL the past couple years. Last season he was ranked the best in the pass block category. He’ll rarely ever give up a sack and is essential in having a good run game. That is why I will have Bakhtiari as my OT

Right Tackle: Tristan Wirfs

I know Wirfs is only in his 2nd season, although he’s already one of the best OT’s in the game. In his amazing rookie season he only let up one sack and played every single offensive snap. Last year Wirfs was ranked 2nd in the league among right tackles. With his physical build and hard work mentality, I’m predicting he’ll finish this season as the best OT

Guard: Quenton Nelson

No question here Quenton Nelson is easily one of the best guards in the league. He’ll finish his career as a hall of famer and probably the best Guards of all time. Nelson is in his 4th season and to this point has only been responsible for 3 sacks. That’s why I want him on my dream team

Guard: Joel Bitonio

Joel Bitonio is, In my opinion, the best pass blocking guard in the game.

 He rarely ever gives up sacks and is a brick wall when blocking for the QB. Putting Bitonio next to Nelson will make the scariest duo of guards in the league. I was thinking about going with Zack Martin here, but Bitonio is younger and healthier than him.

Center: Frank Ragnow

The young center is already considered one of the best in the league. He started off his career not doing too well, although ever since moving to the center position his career has really taken off. Look for Ragnow to get a pro bowl and all team first pro selection this season. 

Defensive players: 

Safety: Minkah Fitzpatrick

Ever since being traded to Pittsburgh, Minkah Fitzpatrick has asserted himself as one of the best safeties in the league. Fitzpatrick is 24 years old and already a two time first team all pro. 4 eq

Safety: Devin McCourty

I know McCourty is 34 and doesn’t have too much time left in his career, although the leadership and top notch play he brings to the table is inslaney valuable. McCourty will be one of the captains of my dream team. His pre game speeches and hard work mentality will rub off on the other players and especially make Justin Simmons an even better player. 

Cornerbacks: Jalen Ramsey

No debate at all here, Ramsey is the best corner in the game. He’ll trash talk you before, during, and after the game, but unlike other players he can back it up. Ramsey is given the challenge to cover the best receiver every single week and has yet to disappoint. With Rasmey as my starting cornerback, my secondary will be set. 

Cornerback: Jaire Alexander

Jaire Alexander is in my opinion the 2nd best cornerback in the game right now. He’s still very young and already a hall of fame player. He has a huge impact on his team by shutting down the other team’s top receiver every single week. Putting Alexander next to Ramsey will make it nearly impossible for the other team to complete a pass. 

Outside linebacker: Darious Lenord

At the young age of 26, Darious Lennord is one the best Outside linebackers in the game. He is one of the most consistent players in the league and the best at forcing fumbles. He is a player you want on your team.

Outside Linebacker: Bobby Wagner

Bobby Wagner is the best linebacker in the league. He started off his career being overlooked due to the amazing talent on legion of boom defense. Although as the years went on, Wanger showed the whole NFL that he’s the best player on the Seattle defense. Anything linebacker related Wagner is the best at. Wagner will be a captain on my defense. He’ll lead the front 7 on and off the field. 

Middle Linebacker: Devin White

At the young age of 23, Devin White, has already shown why he’s one of the best linebackers in the league. His quick speed and great ability to make the tackle will fit him perfectly into my super team line up. Wagner, Leonard, and White will make the best linebacker trio of all time.

Defensive End: TJ Watt

Being the younger brother of JJ Watt, TJ had high expectations coming into the league. Since being drafted in 2017, TJ has exceeded all expectations. He’s one of the best in the league at putting pressure on the QB and completing the sack. His presence alone makes the Steelers defensive unit a tier unit in the league. Having TJ will make my front 7 unstoppable.

Defensive End: Myles Garrett

Besides the 2019-20 season, Myles Garrett has been one of the best defensive players in the league. He finishes each season with 10 or more sacks and is a QB’s worst nightmare to go up against. Having Garrett and Watt on the ends of my defensive line will make it impossible for the QB/RB to run the ball on the outside. 

Defensive Tackle: Aaron Donald

No explanation needed, Aaron Donald is the best defensive player in the league. He is the strongest, fastest, and scariest defensive tackle. No one can stop him. Doanld will get around 15 sacks every year and is the best in the league at stopping the run. Having him on my defensive will automatically make them the best. 

Defensive tackle: Chris Jones

Jones is one of the best pass rushers in the league. He is amazing at stopping the pass/run and will sack the QB about 10 times a year. Putting Jones next to Darnold will make it impossible for any team to run the ball up the middle. 


Head coach: Bill Belichek 

It’s Bill Belicheck… He’s the GOAT of coaches