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My Month at Mack: The Making of a Warrior

Alyson Pinkham ‘23

Staff Writer

After a year full of SAT cramming and college applications, followed by a summer complete with burning anticipation, August 30  rolled around and I embarked on my journey here at Merrimack College. 

After the entire-morning process of stressful move in’s to tearful family goodbyes, freshmen, such as myself, were expected to attend events at orientation, which although long, were informative and important. They taught me and my freshmen peers about the campus we would learn to call home. 

These events ranged from meetings with our Orientation Leaders and groups from the summer orientation to BBQ’s, safety meetings, mass, and of course The Program. 

Everyone participating in The Program found themselves face to face with intense group challenges that tested their physical and intellectual strength. I participated in team activities where I had to run, was lifted through a hole in a web created by string wire, and even had to hold a plank on top a table while fifty near strangers cheered me on. 

Although these challenges pushed me and my fellow freshman, The Program enacted Merrimack’s values of teamwork and togetherness, and helped me feel like Merrimack was my home. The Program also reinforces the Merrimack motto, “We are one,” through these activities of team building.

A week of classes dragged by and I slowly felt myself getting used to the rhythm of my new college lifestyle. I found that I dreaded 8:00 a.m.’s, but adored how open my day was and tried to be productive in my downtime between classes and activities. 

I attended the involvement fair and after navigating my way through the maze of clubs, sports teams, sororities, and other programs, I had joined a few activities I found interesting, and of course, grabbed some of the free Merrimack swag offered by a variety of clubs. 

Merrimack strives to create a welcoming environment for all students, especially freshmen, and events such as the involvement fair made it easy for me and others to feel involved and welcomed in the school. 

My favorite event so far was the Block Party, where students and family members were able to eat and socialize in the parking lot by Cascia Hall. The food at the block party ranged from french fries to popcorn shrimp, and there was an ice cream truck and a whoopie pie truck. Activities also included cornhole, and there were free t-shirts, places to sit and interact with Merrimack students.The Block Party made me feel so comfortable here at school, and I enjoyed walking around seeing some of my already-established friends while making new ones. 

As the month passed by and September began to come to a close, I found Merrimack to be full of activities that students can constantly participate in. Whether it’s an activity in the common room of Ash run by an R.A. or a Sunday Patriots viewing party, I’m finding  it easy to mesh into the culture of Merrimack College, and I am excited to continue my journey as a Warrior.