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Movie Review of Silver Lining's Playbook

Ted Chen ’16, Staff Writer

This is the most remarkable romance movie from 2012. The movie makes you feel happy and full of energy after watching the movie. This movie is ideal to watch during a snowy or rainy day. The movie described the love story of two “crazy” people, Pat and Tiffany, portrayed by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. Characters Pat and Tiffany had a very sad lives and they have emotional problems. Because of their personalities, people look at them with strangely. Between the two “Lunatic” roaring and arguing, there’s always humorous dialogue among it. The actors and actress portrayed their characters so amazingly that they were nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor/Actress for Leading /supporting Role, Best Picture and Best Director in 2012.

Here’s how the story goes: Pat was in love with Tiffany the day he met her. When they are talking about anti-depression medicines at dinner when they first met, it was a “misery loves company” moment. Together, they understand and value each other after the pain they went through. After Pat went home that night, he was so restless and he tried so hard to find the wedding tape of him and his ex-wife to run away from the fact that he is in love with Tiffany.

Unlike most comedy romances with crappy acting, “Silver Lining’s Playbook” shows us an exact opposite example. From the scene when they finally have their first date in the dinner at Halloween, we see great acting from both Jennifer Lawrence (Tiffany) and Bradley Cooper (Pat). Tiffany thought that they are the same type of person after she told Pat about what she went through after her husband died. However, Pat thinks that she is way crazier than he is. Tiffany was heart broken and angry by the sense of alienation that Pat gave her. The way she laughs exaggeratedly was lovely and crazy. We can read the signs of disappointment on Tiffany’s face after not being understood by Pat. After Tiffany lied about Pat harassing her to the crowd, Pat was surrounded by bunch of people and he was panicking again. During this scene, Bradley Cooper was pitiful—he did not want to hurt anyone but yet he was misunderstood and helpless.

The dancing contest was when their feelings for each other began to brew and explode. The dance and music put their hearts together, but also a turning point for the movie. It was so beautiful; Pat and Tiffany became silent partners and every dance step they took and the way they look at each other thoroughly pronounce that their feelings for each other have been exploded.

At last when Pat finally professed his love to Tiffany out loud, it was the most touching part of the movie. Both of them find the sense of belonging by meeting each other and being in love eventually. “The only way that you could meet my crazy was by doing something crazy yourself,” is the motto of the movie that comes to mind. That’s a perfect summary for pat and Tiffany’s love story–Find your mate who is just as crazy as you are. Just say same thing as Pat did: Thank you, I love you.

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