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Movie Review: Non-Stop

Bridget Gilroy, ‘14, Staff Writer

“Non-Stop” is an action-packed thriller starring none other than Liam nonstopNeeson. In recent years, Neeson has become known as a leader in the action movie world starring in movies like “Taken” and “Taken 2.” “Non-Stop,” Neeson’s newest movie, is no exception. Neeson plays Bill Marks, an air marshal who is aboard a transatlantic flight when he receives threatening text messages from a passenger aboard. The anonymous texter threatens to kill a passenger every twenty minutes. In order for Marks (Neeson) to prevent it, the texter demands $150 million be deposited into an account. Marks informs TSA about the situation and they look up whose name the account is under. In the meantime, Marks scopes out the plane and tries to figure out who the person on the other end of the phone could be. With technology being as popular as it is today, practically every person has out some form of communication device. TSA reports back to Marks that the account number he gave them is under his name. Marks realizes he is now being framed and with that the twenty minutes wind down and sure enough–a passenger dies. As time passes, the texter keeps true to the promise of a passenger dying every twenty minutes. With his passengers clearly in grave danger and TSA suspicious of Marks hijacking the plane, Marks starts going off on passengers in a desperate attempt to find the culprit. This movie will keep you guessing and will have you on the edge of your seat right up until the end. This movie does have some soft moments including ones where Marks consoles a young girl who is traveling alone in the midst of the chaos going on in the cabin. By the time you figure out the culprit or maybe culprits, you will have your own mental list of passengers who are possible suspects. Want to know who it is? Go see “Non-Stop” before it departs theaters.

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