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Most Interesting Person: Mike Ryan

Most Interesting Person: Mike Ryan

This issue’s Most Interesting Person is Mike Ryan. Mike graduated from Marshfield High School before making the decision to attend Merrimack as a Business major. He hopes to one day work in marketing or find a job in higher education, perhaps as an advisor for student involvement at another college.

Since coming to Merrimack, Mike has gotten involved in a variety of organizations on campus. He was a team member for orientation his sophomore year, an orientation leader his junior year, and is going to be one of the four orientation coordinators in his upcoming senior year. For his junior year he applied for, and received a position as a resident advisor for the new residence buildings. Aside from these contributions, Mike has also been a faithful member of the Merrimack Programming Board (MPB). Mike has made himself quite the recognizable face around campus, whether it be promoting MPB events, welcoming incoming students as a member of the orientation staff, or keeping the peace in his residential area. As someone who is so involved on campus, when asked what the best commitment he has made was, Mike stated, “Definitely orientation. You get the opportunity to meet so many new people and overall I think it is the most rewarding experience you can have.”

When questioned about why Mike decided to attend Merrimack College in particular, he responded, “I liked the feel of the small school and the community it provides. After coming here I honestly couldn’t picture myself anywhere else because this place just feels like home.” If you were to ask Mike what place on campus is most like home to him, he’d most likely tell you the third floor of the campus center because, “When you’re involved you’re up there the most, but it’s okay because everyone is super friendly.”

Mike’s advice to any incoming students is, “Get involved. At Merrimack you can really sense the community the students provide to each another, but getting involved improves that experience and gets it to feel like home.” Be on the lookout for Mike around campus whether he’s in between classes, promoting the latest MPB event, or heading up to the third floor of the Campus Center.

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