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Most Interesting Person: Lance Hill


Patrick Minihan ‘15

Staff Writer

Lance Hill, a senior here at Merrimack College has always been actively involved in the Merrimack College Community. Hill is an RA on campus, and the Media Editor for The Beacon.

Hill is originally from Lawrence Mass; he lived there for 17 years and currently lives in Salem New Hampshire. Hill is the second youngest in his family having two brothers and two sisters. He is pursuing a degree in Communication Studies with a concentration in Mass Communication. When asked about what he enjoys most about his major hill said “ I really enjoy the flexibility of the field I am studying, our world is evolving in the way people communicate, and I want to be a part of something innovative and creative”.

Besides his field of study Hill expressed his interest among other topics like how he got involved in photography and The Beacon. Hill stated that he has always loved writing since the 6th grade and was encouraged by a few peers that he should look into The Beacon. In joining The Beacon it opened new doors of opportunity as well giving him the chance to learn about photography, and eventually take the reins as the Media Editor. In his free time he is involved in some club and co-ed sports like club rugby, and softball but expressed that his favorite is definitely intramural basketball, which he has been playing since freshman year. A big fan of sports Hill usually tries to visit most sporting events on campus for pleasure always bringing his camera to snap photos for The Beacon. He’s been to them all from lacrosse to tennis, but says his favorite events to attend are the Men’s and Woman’s Basketball games.

When asked about choosing Merrimack during his college application process he stated that Franklin Pierce and Merrimack were his original top options. He ultimately went with Merrimack because of its convenience of travel and the welcoming close-knit community that he felt upon stepping foot on campus. Merrimack is no stranger to Hill as he has been playing basketball since 4th grade here in programs like the ABA Basketball Camp that is help by Bert Hammel, the Men’s Basketball Head Coach.

Lance is currently interning at a radio station called Eagle News Radio in Methuen MA. And says, “it is an extremely cool and great learning experience”. “During my time there I have been learning the ins and outs of the radio industry, I have the opportunity to seek out potential radio guests and to meet with some of them as well”. Hill works under Lou Blasi who is the Eagle News Radio host and interns Saturdays with two other interns Nick and Haley.

If Hill were it give one piece of advice to freshman is would be, “to remain true to yourself while stepping outside of your comfort zone. College is a new and life-changing experience that allows you’re to create lasting friendships and learn from your mistakes as no one is designed to achieve perfection. Grow and express yourself, seize opportunity when presented because you never know when opportunity will come around again. Most importantly stay focused”

Keep an eye out for Lance on campus your picture just might end up in The Beacon!

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