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Most Interesting Person: Gretchen Grosky

Connor McGowan ‘15 Staff Writer

This week’s edition of “Most Interesting Person” is focused on Merrimack’s own Gretchen Grosky. Grosky is the new advisor of The Beacon as well as the adjunct lecturer of newspaper and media productions. As advisor of “The Beacon”, Gretchen works with students involved with the newspaper program and helps them develop their skills as writers and journalists, providing useful information she’s learned through her career as a writer. When asked about her new role here at Merrimack Gretchen replied, “I have taught many young reporters in the newspaper business, but this is much different. I was very nervous at first, but I am really enjoying it. I work with a great bunch of students.”

Outside of her life at Merrimack Grosky seems to live a somewhat normal life. She is married and has three teenage kids, whom she stated “are all over the place, so its good when we can get all five of us together.” Just like most people Gretchen enjoys singing, even if she “can’t carry a note, which doesn’t stop me from belting out in the car.”

As for her professional life Grosky has been involved in some pretty impressive programs and companies. She currently owns a media relations business where she works with helping clients brand their message and get their messages out to the media. She also helps groups with media training with the knowledge and background she has developed over her career. Back in 2003 Grosky won a Pulitzer Prize for a breaking news article, an award that is admired by writers of all sorts. The article covered the tragic story of a special needs child that fell through the frozen Merrimack River. Six heroic children, ages ranging from 7-14, formed a human chain to try and save the boy. Unfortunately four out of the seven children involved lost their lives in the tragedy. Grosky said, “This was an amazing honor covering those courageous children and what they tried to do in the spirit of friendship.”

Although Gretchen Grosky is enjoying her time here at Merrimack along with her other work off campus, everything seems to come back to family when talking with Gretchen. She continued to go on about how much she enjoys spending time with her family and how amazing they can be. When asked if there was anything interesting people may not know about her she replied,  “My uncle works with Ryan Murphy Productions and I try once a year to get to one of the sets he is working on. He’s put me in a couple of things. I was the TV show “Glee” and in the HBO movie “A Normal Heart.” He’s working on “American Horror Story” now and I would love to be an extra on that show.” So next time your enjoying one of your favorite TV shows make sure to keep your eyes peeled for Merrimack’s own Gretchen Grosky.


Gretchen with members of the cast of Glee

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