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Most Interesting Person: Beverly Lavallee

bevColleen Quinlan ‘15, Staff Writer

In this issue of Merrimack’s Most Interesting Person, we take a look at our campus mom Beverley Lavalle. Bev was born in Chelsea Massachusetts but was raised in Everett Massachusetts where she went off to Suffolk University. There she studied accounting as an undergrad and got her master’s in financial at Suffolk as well. Before Merrimack, Bev worked for a small catholic school in Peabody Massachusetts, where she worked for the development department to teach Pre-K.

Bev came to Merrimack in 2007 and since her time here, she has nothing but love for the school. “I really enjoy being around the student environment and seeing their faces” Bev says. On campus Bev is referred to as the “Campus Mom” but her role is an Administrator Assistant for the Vice President of Mission and Student Fair. “Personally I like being known as the campus mom, but do not tell Father Ray” Bev laughs. We all have our favorite places on campus, whether it’s the library, our dorm room or in the Sakowich Center, Bev explained where her favorite spots are on campus. “When I first started, I would take little breaks and I would sit by Mendel Pond and watch the gold fish. I love sitting on Main Street and watching students walk by as well.” Bev also stated that she enjoys sitting on the benches next to the St. Augustine statue because for her it’s peaceful especially during the springtime.

When it comes to having a favorite event on campus, Bev enjoys anything and everything that has to deal with the student’s body. When it comes down to it, she enjoys Orientation and Move-in-Day. “The enthusiasm from the current students and the new students, it’s incredible to see how much everyone get in to it. It’s such a fun thing to be apart of, Allison Gill and the rest of the staff have always done a fantastic job” Bev says.
So what advice does Bev have for the new students and current students on campus? “Everything you do on campus you will enjoy, but putting yourself out there is the first step. Join a club or a group and get out of your confront zone, by going to the sporting events, the dances and anything else the college has to offer and you will see how many new people you will meet” Bev says. She also stresses that it is okay to have a blast and act like a goof on campus and to realize that college is not all play and not all study but a mixer of both.

Bev is the campus mom here at Merrimack, many students have built a relationship with her. She is always around to help students when needed, and is not one to be shy. Next time you see Bev on campus do not be afraid to talk to her, even if it’s your first time meeting introduced yourself and remember you have a “mom” on campus.

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