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Monican: Home and Hearth

Lauren Foster ’15, Staff Writer

Tucked away on the backside of campus is one of the most famous residence halls and original buildings on campus. Monican Centre has typically housed sophomores and some juniors in the past, but has since transitioned into a home for first years and sophomores.

Named after St. Augustine’s mother, Monica, the residence hall houses 272 residents and consists of singles, doubles, and suites. In total, there are 54 doubles, 47 suites, and is designed for three singles.

Designed similarly to Ash Centre, Monican has three wings: North, South and West. North and South wing each have eight suites that are designed for four residents in each. The West wing has 18 doubles that typically house two residents in each.

“I love living in Monican because the suites are awesome. The common room is the perfect size and being placed in the back of campus is a nice change of scenery,” said Brianna Decina, a sophomore resident.

There are both private and shared bathrooms in Monican, depending on which wing. In the North and South wings there are private bathrooms in each suite.

Similar to Deegan, there are also shared bathrooms in the West wing of Monican.

One of the first things you will notice when walking into the lobby is the fireplace, where many RAs hold s’mores programs throughout the year. It is a popular hangout place as well as the second floor lounge area, typically used for studying.

Another famous feature of the lobby is the pool table, donated by SGA in 2003.

The newest addition to Monican is the pingpong table that is also in heavy use since being added two weeks ago. There are also drink and snack vending machines in the lobby.

In the basement of Monican, there are 10 washers and eight dryers.

Something noticeably missing in the building, however, is an elevator. Abby Hancock, a resident of the North wing, said, “Seeing as there is no elevator in Monican, laundry is an Olympic sport.”

Although those who love a faster mode of getting to the third floor may be disappointed, those looking to take the stairs will be pleased.

In the past Monican has been the top place for sophomores to live, but as the campus transitions and continues to grow, it has become a top building for freshman, sophomores, and some juniors as well.

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