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Brendan Doherty ‘15, Staff Writer 

With the new proposal for a radio station on campus being added to a location in the media center Merrimack will be advancing assets of Mass Communication and production like never before. With all these wonderful pieces of technology and equipment at our fingertips, there is little involvement by the student body to take advantage of these utilities the school provides. This lack of involvement is most likely due to the lack of organization students have together on this matter coupled with the lack of awareness students may have on the media center and its capabilities. There have been rumors going around that what was once “Merrimack TV” is trying to make a comeback however no such club has officially been announced or represented at either two involvement fairs this year. The interest seems to be there when students are asked in class if the two mediums are of interest to them, but the organization is not. People who are interested in being a part of Merrimack TV in any way should be on the look out on how to get involved in the next coming months. If you are a student looking to be involved right away in organizing the club you can contact myself at: dohertyb@merrimack.edu

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