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Merrimack's Own Mini Rink

Sean Talbot ’15, Staff Writer 

This past summer Merrimack did a lot of work on campus. One major thing they built was the new dormitories. These dorms came in the place of the old basketball court that stood there before. Merrimack decided to put a new basketball court between Monican, Gati, and the Town Houses. Over the summer they leveled the ground and put a full court with 2 hoops down. In the winter they decided to throw a tarp down and fill it with water. Eventually this pile of water froze and now any student is allowed to skate on the rink. The upkeep of this rink is very time consuming especially for the Merrimack Physical Plant that is buy doing other thing around campus. That’s where Juniors Andrew Tympanick and John Ferraro come in. They saw that the recent storms were ruining the conditions of the ice. They met with Physical Plant to get the necessities to take care of the rink. At night they shovel the rink off and spray it down with water.

Tympanick reasons for spaying the rink down at night was,” First you have to clean it off to get rid of all the snow. Then you fill the whole rink with a small layer of water, so it can fill in any cracks that have been made before. It is key to water it after a bad storm or cold weather otherwise it would just really bumpy”.

These two students make it possible for everyone to enjoy the out rink. They have also created a twitter for the rink to keep people updated. The twitter is @Mack_Mini_Rink and it will update you on when he is clearing the rink off and watering it down.

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