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Merrimack Wins Social Media Award

Kyle Singleton, Staff Writer


Merrimack College has been named the No. 1 most engaging Facebook page in 2011.

More specifically, Merrimack’s Facebook page was applauded for the amount of conversation and activity that takes place on the page.

Blue Fuego, which is a group that measures and studies the growth/activity of higher education Facebook pages, measured more than 900 pages. According to the study, the top 10 most engaging pages each had more than 1,000 fans by Jan. 1, and an average of five posts per month.

What separated Merrimack from the rest of the field was the quality of posts, not only engaging the student body to interact on the page but also getting the surrounding community to notice and engage in what Merrimack College is doing, according to college officials.

Merrimack topped much larger schools such as USC, Harvard and Wisconsin, to name a few.

Merrimack and President Christopher E. Hopey were presented with the Fuego’s finest trophy for 2011.

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