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Merrimack Welcomes Prospective Warriors

By Shannon McBain ‘16

Staff Writer


It is that time of year when the weather gets warmer and students are registering for classes for the fall semester. Seniors are preparing for their college graduation on May 22 and a new class of students for the 2016-2017 academic year is coming.

On Sunday April 10, Merrimack College hosted an Admitted Student Day for prospective students. The school was decorated with blue and yellow balloons, student ambassadors were dressed to their best in Merrimack colors, and staff and administration were enthusiastically informing and welcoming families to Merrimack College.

There were two informational sessions for visitors, 9:00am and 11:00am. Both informational sessions were entirely booked with prospective students and their families who attended. This was an all-day event that lasted until mid-afternoon. Student ambassadors gave families tours of dorm rooms and residence halls, as well as other important locations on campus such as Sparky’s Place, other dining areas, gym facilities, and the McQuade Library. The opening event called, “I am Warrior: 4 Friends, 4 Years, 4 Life,” is where current Merrimack students spoke about what it was like to be a Merrimack Warrior for them.

“From the opening event, students and parents attended an academic experience that is intended for their major. During those sessions, they got to speak to faculty, alumni, current students, and hear from the dean on how the curriculum, internships, and student faculty connections lead Merrimack students to fulfilling and successful careers,” according to student ambassador Briana Tierney, who hosted the opening event.

“Students really get to have a feel of the college on these kinds of days. They have a welcome in the auditorium and are exposed to students talking about personal experiences and their time at Merrimack,” according to senior student ambassador Michelle Galindo.

After the informational sessions, the prospective students broke off into groups according to their majors and were brought to academic panels. Throughout the day, future Warriors were encouraged to go on campus tours and have lunch with their families and current students, as well. Clubs and extracurricular activities also had booths in the MPR of the Sakowich Center.