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Merrimack Students Play Musical Chairs

By Kelley McLellan ‘17

Associate Sports Editor


Everyone left the 2015 school year thinking the cafeteria was going to be drastically different in terms of size. The freshmen even thought their new lunch spot was going to be a place where they loved going.

But they were wrong.

The only difference in the new Sparky’s was the tiles on the ground and the new tables and chairs that simply replaced the old ones.

Merrimack College is progressively gaining more attention and accepting more students every year. Those acceptance rates are great, but has administration seen the ratio of students on this campus in comparison to the size of our one dining hall?

Students often pace from one end of the cafeteria to the other, frantically trying to find a table to eat at. After about two or three times pacing back and forth, a table will open up and the students bolt to it to claim it.

More seating in the cafeteria would be the perfect solution to everyone’s stress and problems. There’s a rumor about adding in another dining hall at Merrimack College, but how true do we think this is? Also, when will this even happen?

We can only hope that in the meantime we won’t have to circle the dining hall once or twice to find a seat.

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