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Merrimack Student Caught Videotaping Others in Fitness Center

By Skye Stewart ‘17

Social Media/Features Editor


According to a Merrimack College police report filed on April 5 at 9:46 p.m., a “student worker from the Fitness Center called to report two female students who stated they believed a male student had been videotaping them early in the night.”

Approximately 35 minutes later, another female student filed a report at the police station stating that she may have been videotaped as well. Less than an hour later, a suspect was brought in.

According to Executive Vice President of Merrimack College Jeffrey Doggett, the investigation is ongoing.

Junior student Ashlyn Howard recently received an e-mail from Merrimack police asking her to answer a few questions regarding an investigation relating to a male student videotaping girls in the gym.

“They asked me a few questions about what I was wearing to narrow down the videos and then they showed me a few,” Howard said. “It was mostly videos of girls from behind running on the treadmill.”

While Howard was not in any of the videos, she expressed that it was a “creepy” incident to happen on campus.

Doggett explained, “It was fairly easy to identify who the person was, the question was what they were doing. And that part of the investigation is still underway and to my understanding, they have not completed any judicial process yet.”

He also expressed that when a problem arises on campus, it is fixed as soon as possible.

Doggett also explained that because of this community that Merrimack has, students often choose to stand up for themselves when they think something is not right.

“This is a community that does look out for each other and when we do find a problem, we do identify it,” Doggett said.