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Merrimack Ranked in Top 10 Colleges For the Fourth Year in a Row

Samantha Barbagallo ‘15

Staff Writer

Merrimack was recently ranked number nine on U.S. News’ list of the top ten colleges in northern United States. These rankings are based on freshman test scores, student retention rate, graduation rate, class size, alumni giving rate and what is known as “peer assessment”. This is when the academic and admissions administrators as well as presidents of the colleges in the same region designate a score to opposing colleges based on their overall impression of those schools.

If the scores were based on peer assessment alone, Merrimack would have tied for fifth place out of all forty seven contenders.

The same group of people were also asked to recognize any schools in their category that they would consider “up and coming”. According to U.S. News, an “up and coming” school would have most recently made favorable and original changes to the college in fields such as academics, campus, facilities, student life, academics and faculty.

Merrimack College was the only college in the region to be considered for this category due to numerous advancements in the renovation and expansion of the college. Some of these include the new athletic complex with new classrooms and facilities for students and professors, a new residence hall, and a Dunkin Donuts. It is also well known that this year’s freshman class is the largest freshmen class to ever enter the college and this year’s senior class will be Merrimack’s largest graduating class to date.

Money Magazine also named Merrimack as the twenty first college in the United States that adds the most value to students’ degrees. This analysis was based on graduation rates and post-graduation salaries from 665 U.S. schools.

What do you think? Do you agree? Would you consider Merrimack to be one of the top colleges in the Northern region? Do you think that we’re “up and coming?”


The full U.S. News rankings are online at http://www.usnews.com

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