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Merrimack Intramurals

Zachary Ingalls ’15, Staff Writer 

Merrimack College has a wide variety of intramural opportunities in the spring. Intramurals are a fun and competitive way to get involved on campus with friends and fellow students. The Merrimack intramural program offers seven familiar options and one new option for the spring semester. As always, coed 5 v 5 Basketball was a hit this spring along with men and women’s ice hockey during the Spring 3rd quarter intramural session. A new edition to the intramural choices this year was badminton, which was a huge success and will surely be back next spring.

As the snow is finally beginning to melt and ground is starting to thaw everyone is looking forward to the 4th quarter intramural session, especially men’s and women’s softball. I caught up with John Flaherty the reigning fall softball session champion. His team ‘Bat Flips and Fat Dips’ won the championship handedly in the fall and he hopes to continue his intramural softball dominance this spring. John, a three year participant in many different intramural sports including softball, flag football and basketball is really excited to begin his quest for another softball championship. When asked how he thought his chances are to repeat as champion, “I feel like my new team has a very good chance to win the ship, I just can’t wait to get out on the field and have a good time outside.” I asked John if he and his team would have any preseason practice or preparation before the season began, “Yeah definitely, I think that’s what makes the difference in such a competitive league, batting and fielding practice will be mandatory for my team before our first game.” John’s favorite intramural activity is softball followed up closely by flag football. “I enjoy playing intramurals it is very competitive and such a good time, I look forward to it every week.” As you can see from John’s perspective, Intramurals at Merrimack are a great time and very competitive.

Those who want to get involved with spring 4th quarter intramurals or recreational activities should see the desk attendant at the Sakowich fitness center. The 4th quarter activities include men’s and women’s softball, Coed dodge ball, Coed kickball and open wiffleball. Merrimack Intramural program is also offering exciting recreation activities this semester including a paintball trip, ski trip to Waterville Valley, Red Sox and Celtics games and a mini golf trip.

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