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Mack Gives Back

Mack Gives BackTeresa Polli ’15, Staff Writer 

For the second, year Merrimack will be sending out students, staff members, and Merrimack Alumni, representing our campus to fulfill community service. “Mack Gives Back Day,” is an event held on the Merrimack Campus that sends people from our community to different community service sites throughout the Merrimack Valley, including, Lazarus House, Bread and Roses, and IMac, a medical resupply house. You can get together with your sports team, your class, your affinity group, and even a group of your friends to work these hours. It will be held on November 9th at the Multi-Purpose Room from 9 AM to 1 PM, and it includes a free breakfast and t-shirt.

However, “Mack Gives Back Day” is more than just a volunteer opportunity to get together with your community in order to help people in need for a couple hours. This event gives you the option to lend your hand out to others any time between the dates of November 2nd and November 16th not only to students and staff members, but to the alumni as well, to participate in this event wherever they reside, even if it is beyond The Merrimack Valley jurisdiction.

Even though this event is held at the Merrimack Campus, the service is being executed way beyond that. According to Beverly Lavallee, the Administrative Assistant to Vice President of Mission and Student Affairs, “’Mack Gives Back Day,’ is the representation of the Merrimack community nation-wide.”

The point of service is to “honor those who have served, by serving others with our goal of 7,500 hours of service.” Merrimack is giving our community a chance to get together, be involved on campus, and most importantly to lend a hand to others in need. Whoever serves the most hours, will be hung up and represented in The Merrimack Club. You can sign up online or on your phone, both the link and QR code are listed below.



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