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Merrimack Food: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Alex Conte

Staff Writer

There are a plethora of food options spread out around campus. As a freshman, I have tried each spot on campus and I have developed my own opinion on each. All locations have their own unique and yummy options. However, they also have their ups and downs. We are going to count down each location from worst to best and highlight the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let’s get into it! (Please note that Dunkin Donuts and The Sanctuary will be left off this list.)

#6: Sparky’s

Sparky’s without a doubt lands on the bottom of this list. With countless food fumbles and some….questionable options…., it was featured on Barstool Merrimack for all the wrong reasons. The lack of variety is another reason why Sparky’s is the worst place on campus to eat. It is valued as a place for people to hang out and meet up rather than as a place for food. Despite all these bad things, it is one of the only places open on campus during the weekend, which is a shame.

#5: Mindful Mac

Mindful Mac, located in the Athletics Complex, is a place to go get stir fry for lunch. It doesn’t get enough attention because of how far away it is from the rest of campus. However, it gets the #5 slot because it’s only available for lunch. Even though the stir fry is a favorite among Merrimack students, it would be nice if it offered a bit more. Variety makes or breaks a spot in this count down.

#4: Warriors Den

The Warrior’s Den is a place on campus to get sandwiches, salads, and quesadillas. As of late, they have done a good job making their food taste good. A notable item is a buffalo chicken wrap. However, they tend to get orders wrong sometimes. Their reputation as having long wait times hasn’t recovered since  the first week of school. The Warriors Den also has a place where you can get smoothies right next to it. 

#3: Food Truck

The food truck, located at Gladstone Plaza, is known for their tasty options. A student body favorite, they crank out good stuff every weekday and the line is always long. Items worth mentioning are chicken nuggets, burgers, sandwiches, and multiple kinds of fries. The downside is they’re not open on the weekends. We need more options on the weekends! They also sometimes don’t serve what’s on the menu, which is inconvenient if you look at it ahead of time. 

#2: McQuade Pizzeria

McQuade Pizzeria is the newest food venue on campus. It serves pizza slices and salad. Their pizza is top notch, especially in comparison to previous versions of Merrimack pizza, and they have a specialty pizza every day. Selections in the past include chicken and bacon, buffalo chicken, margarita, steak and cheese, and Hawaiian. They also have the obvious choices of cheese and pepperoni. This is nn overlooked spot that deserves more attention. A meal swipe gets you two slices, salad, a drink, and more. It also has a brand new patio with heaters and a beautiful view of Mendel Pond. McQuade Pizzeria is a great place to get a bite to eat with friends after a long day of studying. It is also worth saying that it is open until midnight. 

#1: Brick Oven

The Brick Oven runs away with the best place at Merrimack College to get food. It serves up everything from pulled chicken sandwiches, gyros, mac and cheese, grilled chicken, clam chowder, and tacos. The quality of the food is the best out of any place at Merrimack. It is open for lunch and dinner and is quick and easy. You can smell it (and see it) from a mile away. I have never had a bad meal from here. The staff are always super nice, too. The location is good, too, because it’s right across from Sakowitch. 

Regardless of my opinion on these places, the food locations on campus are all worth trying. Merrimack Dining works hard to make sure we have something to eat every day. It’s important, especially during these times, that they do this for the Merrimack community. Coming soon will be a new food place next to the Rogers Center. Maybe next time we do a countdown it will land a place on this list. Hopefully it will be worthy of vying for the #1 spot. The future of Merrimack Dining is bright.