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Merrimack Fitness Center Renovation

Andrew Fournier ’14, Staff Writer 

gym water fountianStudents have noticed numerous changes on campus upon their return
this semester, one which included a facelift of the gym located in the Sakowich Campus Center.

The expansion of the fitness center offers a great deal to students in comparison to what it
had this previous year. Director of Campus Fitness and Recreation Matthew Gordon is very
pleased with the renovations that took place,

“We doubled in size from about 4,700 to 9,800 square feet. Along with that, several flat screen
televisions were installed and almost all of the equipment here is brand new on lease. This
guarantees that after every two years the current equipment within the gym will be replaced.”

With the extra space, more strength and conditioning equipment was installed where the
bookstore use to be located. This includes new benches, extra free weights, treadmills, and
ellipticals. It’s an added bonus considering more students can work out now without the gym
crowded constantly through the day.

Merrimack is also doing its part for the environment as well with the addition of new
water fountains which were previously only located in the Volpe Athletic Center. Unlike your
typical fountain, this allows an option where you can use your own water bottle and refill it. By
placing the bottle on top of a sensor, the fountain will automatically fill it back up to the top
without having to buy a new one. This encourages students to reuse bottles because it actually
keeps track and displays how many plastic bottles didn’t have to be used. Junior Thomas
Gallagher who works out regularly is very impressed with all of the changes that have been

“It’s definitely an improvement Gallagher said, there’s a lot more room and its great being able
to use a variety of new equipment. I personally look forward to coming here a lot more now.”

With the changes seen in the fitness center and in other places around campus, there is no
doubting that Merrimack is taking initiative to offer future students the best possible college
experience in the area.

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