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April Police Log Highlights

Geena Levine

Photo Editor

04/02: Student advised of an odor of marijuana in south res and would like police response.

04/03: Subject waved over Officer because they witnessed someone urinating in public in the SAK lot.

04/05: RAVE Alert stating there was a suspicious male in his 30’s not wearing a mask last seen walking towards lot A.

04/06: A student came to the Police Station filed a no contact order against another student. 

04/09: Officers responded to a noise complaint in Royal Crest. The students were told to keep the noise down. 

04/09: Officer responded to a report of a student trying to use a screenshot of another student’s coverified app to get onto campus. Officer spoke with both students involved and advised them to leave campus and quarantine. 

04/10: Officers confiscated drug paraphernalia in one of the residence halls.

04/11: Students called to report to a possible breaking and entering that happened in her apartment while they were out.

04/12: Officer responded to reports of an unauthorized guest in the Apartments. The guest was trespassed from the property. 

04/21: Student security at the Elm St. gate called MCPD because a burgundy ford car did not stop at the main gate. 

04/22: Resident students in St. Thomas called to report the toilet is overflowing and starting to  flood the bedrooms. Facilities is responding.

04/25: A verbal warning was given to an individual that did not stop at stop signs and was driving with a suspended license.