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Merrimack College to Host Film Festival December 2

Merrimack College is getting ready to host its highly anticipated film festival, promising a cinematic experience that will capture spectators and honor the art of storytelling through movies. There is excitement in the air as Merrimack College prepares for the event. The 2023 festival is slated to be a melting pot of talent and innovation because of its history of fostering creativity and welcoming various ideas.

Mackenzie Reynolds, one of the festival’s organizers, emphasized their enthusiasm for the event, “This year’s film festival is a celebration of creativity, culture, and the power of storytelling. We have chosen a wide range of movies that will not only amuse you but also get you thinking and spark conversation.ā€

On December 2nd, Merrimack College will host a film festival with a wide range of films, including, uplifting stories, and avant-garde experiments in filmmaking. The festival seeks to give new filmmakers a stage and inspire them to share their distinctive viewpoints and imaginative visions with the world.

During the film festival we will be having some new faculty join the team to help critic and judge the films. Colleen Mearon who is a recent graduate of Merrimack turned teacher will be helping.

When I asked her about being a judge she said, “Iā€™m very excited to be able to help judge. Since I was a student here I can really identify with the students when they are in production with their films.ā€

In addition to film screenings, the festival will also include Q&A sessions with the directors, giving attendees a rare chance to interact with the imaginative forces behind the movies.

This year is also special because this the first year they are giving out the Kevin Salemme award. The Kevin Salemme award is in honor of Kevin Salemme who was the head of the Media Department at Merrimack College who unfortunately passed away last year due to complications of lung cancer. Also some of the films that were made have been dedicated to him.

The festival serves more than just movie aficionados; it serves as a showcase for up-and-coming talent, an environment for creative expression, and a venue for deep professional ties. The event is drawing closer, and excitement is growing.

Film lovers, students, and creators alike may look forward to a memorable experience at the Merrimack College film festival.

If you would like any more information about the film festival and how you can submit your film please contact Mackenzie Reynolds at reynoldsm@merriamck.edu

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