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Merrimack College Dining: New Changes in Dining Options

By Katrina​ ​Agnitti​ ​’19

Staff Writer


Some exciting new changes were added to the Merrimack dining options this semester. The

school’s dining services listened to complaints and concerns from students about the lack of

options and ran with new ideas.


The new options added include:

  1. Stir fry in Volpe with an added seating area
  2. Subconnection in the Warrior’s Den – personalized subs made when you order
  3. Salad Toss in the Warrior’s Den – personalize a salad made as you order
  4. Smoothies in the Warrior’s Den
  5. New menu in Sparky’s


Rachel Torgerson commented specifically on how Sparky’s and the Warrior’s Den has improved this fall. “In Sparky’s the food is more fresh since we are constantly cooking it. In the past we have let the food sitting out for longer period of time. We have made changes to our menu. Now we offer a offer a lot of cooked veggies something we haven’t really done in the past. We have also created more seating arrangements to accommodate more students at a given time. That is why the drinks have been moved. The Den has new options too.There are smoothies, subs, and salads.The cool thing about subs and salads is that it’s kind of like a Subway style where you can pick exactly what you want in it. You can also get a drink and chips with it and use it as a meal swipe.”

However, like always students still have some complaints. A student commented on the fact that the use of plastic and paper dining utensils is very wasteful. “They should start using the regular glass dishes and plates used in the past” says Kelsey O’Brien a junior here at Merrimack. Ali Larrabee, also a junior at Merrimack commented on how the Gluten free options in Sparky’s are limited. She explained that usually in the gluten free section the food is in the fridge and needs to be heated up. They will have foods like pasta, pizza, chicken nuggets, bagels, and desserts. She also said that sometimes the simple servings has gluten free meals. “The food options for me in Sparky’s are not totally bad I wish they just had a few more options.”

Students do notice the effort and are happy that there are some changes being made. Kelsey O’Brien said “They are definitely trying to improve the dining options here at Merrimack and I really like the improvements in the den.” Ann spaulding who also is a junior is really impressed with the den. “I usually try to eat healthy so I like that there are sandwiches and salads that I can get for when I am on the go. I also don’t mind indulging in a tasty treat every now and then. I love that they have added Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and Richie’s Italian Ice.”