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McQuade Holds Another Successful Holocaust Memorial

Liam Killeen ’15

Staff Writer

The McQuade library held a memorial for the Holocaust event to give sympathy for all of the victims of this tragedy. The memorial is called, “The Courage to Remember.” There were displays being shown in the first and second floor of the library on either side regarding the Holocaust. The displays were up for about a week and a half. After speaking with the director for Jewish Christian Muslim relations Deb Longabaugh-Burg about this particular topic it was easy to determine that the staff in the library is making it known that the Holocaust was definitely an event we should never forget. There was even a book written by called, “Never Forget” on display in the library. A lot of the displays included quotes to remember about the event as well as historical facts about the Holocaust. Media Service Director, Kevin Salemme took the photo seen below. An incredibly insightful quote given on one of the displays read, “There can be no peace in the world until there is peace among religions.” This quote was originally given by Hans Kung. “The Courage to Remember” exhibit covered four main events regarding the Holocaust and shows displays of all four throughout the first floor. The four events are: Nazi Germany, 1933-1938, Moving Towards the “Final Solution”, 1939-1941, Annihilation in Nazi-occupied Europe, 1941-1945, and Liberation-Building New Lives. These educational displays are historical depictions of these horrible and gruesome times that we as individuals should never forget. They offered a good amount of detailed information regarding particular stories and compelling insights regarding the Holocaust itself. They plan on making this an annual event. “The Courage to Remember” is not only shown at Merrimack College. This is an exhibit that is shown in community centers, high schools, universities, libraries, synagogues and also churches.

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