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McQuade Construction Mystery

Andrew Douglass ’15

Staff Writer

Unmentioned construction at Merrimack’s library leaves the student body in the dark about what could be in the works. At the heart of the Merrimack College Campus lies the McQuade Library, which as of late has been dressed in caution tape that seemingly indicates the preparation for a construction project. Students and faculty have walked past the library pondering what is being altered or added, as there have been no visual representations of construction being started. However, you can’t always judge a book by its cover. So what is really going on at the center of Merrimack’s academic campus?

The answer is quite simple. Associate Vice President of Communications, James A. Chiavelli stated that “the library is undergoing maintenance” on its “rib” like structure, as well as on the foundation that the building rests on. Over the years buildings have to endure tough New England winters, as well as other environmental conditions such as acid rain, and hot summers. This causes wear and tear on the concrete from constant exposure which requires attention. Caution tape and barriers have been placed around the edge of the building to help prevent students and faculty from walking into areas that may cause safety threats to by passers while workers are on site. There is no set date for when maintenance will be completed.


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