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Maria’s Food Review: Good Day Cafe

Maria D’Auria ‘20

Marketing Director

On a beautiful fall day I decided to venture out to a local cafe to switch up my normal weekend routine. I chose to go to Good Day Cafe as I heard many positive reviews regarding their fresh bagels and donut muffins. I arrived around brunch time and ordered a breakfast sandwich on a bagel with a cup of black coffee. Although I never hesitate on what to drink at cafes, which is typically coffee, I had a difficult time deciding on what to eat as the food options seemed to be endless. My bagel breakfast sandwich was nothing short of delicious and savory; it was just what I wanted to start my Saturday. 

The environment of the establishment is warm and welcoming as the colors on the walls make the eatery a comforting place to grab a meal and catch up with a friend. What makes a cafe a quality place to eat breakfast or lunch should entice the customer to stay longer: have another cup of coffee, peruse through their dessert selection. Good Day Cafe did exactly that for me as I thoroughly enjoyed my meal that I was curious about their sweet treats, which ranged from carrot cake to scones to even whoopie pies. The Cafe caters to everyone’s palate when they walk through the doors as the chalkboard menu in the back of the Cafe grabs everybody’s attention. Attached to the Cafe are opened doors that lead to an area that is designated for the history of North Andover and its mills. It was fascinating learning about what the mills were used for originally. I appreciate communities being able to repurpose old buildings, and more specifically in this sense the mills, and being able to turn the unused space in the mills into eateries, businesses, and entertainment for tourists and community members. 

The location of the Cafe is very close to Merrimack, which makes it a convenient stop for students who are looking to grab an easy meal that can accomodate their wallets. Located in the mills in downtown North Andover, the area surrounding the cafe offers multiple food establishments and businesses. The placement of the cafe is an excellent choice because it will influence more individuals to stop in and see what the Cafe offers. When a food establishment is located amongst other local businesses, it will gain more foot traffic from employees who work in the surrounding areas. 

To conclude this food review, I recommend Merrimack students take some time out of their weekend and eat off campus. There are many exceptional food choices in the Andover and North Andover communities; however, Good Day Cafe offers fantastic food choices that will satisfy anyone’s breakfast cravings.