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Maria’s Food Review: Andover Town Market

Maria D’Auria

Marketing Director

It was a quiet afternoon in the town of North Andover when I decided to venture out to find a late lunch to satisfy my appetite. I was not 100 percent sure about what I wanted to eat; I figured something would spark my interest when I arrived at the Andover Town Market. My roommate and I shared the calming, quaint, and hygge environment with a couple of ladies who appeared to be catching up over a cup of coffee and dessert. What I noticed about the Market is that I could go there every day and get something new to try, which is important to me as a customer because I like to get new meals when I go to the same establishment. 

The Andover Town Market offers a great selection of foods, wines, and desserts. While waiting for my meal to be prepared, I perused the wine aisle, which I later realized, all of the wines came from various countries such as Argentina and France. I also enjoyed learning about the local wines and beers, which hits home for me as I have a great appreciation for anything locally made. 

My roommate and I both got comforting meals for a chilly day. I ordered a cup of corn chowder, which was simple yet delicious and I built my own salad with ingredients that ranged from apples, kale, and a maple balsamic vinaigrette. My roommate got a grilled cheese with house-made potato chips. Her grilled cheese was different because it contained cheddar and muenster cheese, bacon, and tomato jam. Although it seems untraditional, the flavors all combined in the hot sandwich worked well together. We later topped off our meals with delectable desserts; I got a double chocolate cake with a dark chocolate frosting, and my roommate got a caramel brownie cheesecake. We both were pleased with our choosings and were completely satisfied after our meals.

I truly enjoyed my time at the Andover Town Market because of the variety of food, affordable yet quality cuisine, and wonderful atmosphere. The Market is Andover’s hidden gem, and I hope more locals and Merrimack students visit this fantastic eatery as it has something to offer for everyone.