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March Police Log

Geena Levine ‘21

Photo Editor 

03/01: An employee called about children in the library not wearing masks. An Officer responded and spoke to the employees there about how guests are not allowed on campus.

03/02: A student called to report loud banging sounds coming from the floor about their dorm room. An Officer found a large number of students congregating in the hallway. They were told to keep the noise down. 

03/04: Received a call from NAFD reporting that they received a call from a student in Ash who reports they have fallen and is bleeding from the face. Ambulance transported to LGH.

03/05: Student security at the Sak gate said a female employee showed a restricted coverified and was told to contact the task force but kept walking right into the Sak. 

03/05: AC called with a request for Merri at Ash tonight for some students that were shaken up by an incident that occurred there last night. 

03/10: Student called MCPD because their roommate appeared to be having an allergic reaction to something. Female resident student signed a medical waiver and refused treatment. 

03/11: Officer noticed male resident student urinating on the side of house 4 SRV.

03/13: An individual called to report a loud party going on in a residential area. Officers responded and told the students to keep the noise down. The gathering was within permitted occupancy. 

03/17: Officers will be asking a crowd at the Apartments to lower the music and spread out the groups. 

03/21: An RA in Ash called requesting an alcohol assessment on student in Ash. Male resident student was transported to LGH.

03/25: A male commuter student was identified after parking in another students assigned spot. Officers found the student in a residence hall. The student became disruptive and uncooperative toward Officers even after being given multiple warnings. The student was arrested for disorderly conduct. 

03/27: Officers with student who will be trespassing. Alcohol and marijiana were also confiscated.