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Making Connections Episode 5: ESPN’s Jeff Passan

Making Connections

Scott Edwards ’21

Associate Editor in Chief

As the directed study based around sports media continues on, Scott Edwards and Scott Neville attempt to get the best minds in the industry to continue to learn and grow. The goal, of course, is to make these connections and get an understanding of how to make it in the world of sports media and journalism. While no path is easy, these different guests print a clear picture of how to get that.

This week on the Making Connections directed study, ESPN’s top baseball insider Jeff Passan joined them and gave them nearly an hour of his time to talk the road he took to becoming one of the top MLB insiders in the entire world. From gaining the interest and interning at the young age of 14, to his time in Kansas City, to his goals at Yahoo, and eventually reaching the pinnacle of the sports world in ESPN, it’s one you have to listen to.

We want to thank Jeff Passan for giving us the time to discuss his journey, giving us tips to help us along the way, and hopefully help a number of other hopefuls who dream to make it into the sports media world when they finish school.

Here’s the official audio with more to come down the line regarding this incredible interview.