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Kellen Smith ‏@Loaf4lif Feb 17
Pretty stoked on having Lee Brice come to Merrimack in April

Dino Spumoni ‏@CaptainPancakes Feb 16
Hey remember how Merrimack towed the cars that didn’t move in time for plowing like they said they would? Yeah I don’t either

Marissa Barreiro ‏@marissareneex Feb 13
HAPPY BID DAY!!! 🎉 Congrats to all of our new sisters!! Today is just the beginning 😍😘👑 #zta #bidday @ZTA_Merrimack

Merrimack Bookstore ‏@MerrimackStore Feb 10
New Merrimack College sweatshirts available in a variety of different colors! http://fb.me/75DCAaobX

Why does @merrimack care more about having classes then the safety of the students and faculty??? #dangerous

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