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Mack Gives Back

Ashley LoPresti ’17, Staff Writer 

mack gives back“Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others.” –Saint Augustine.

Saint Augustine was infamous for his philosophy of helping others. Merrimack College, founded by Augustinian brothers, has made its mission to honor Saint Augustine’s values actively throughout the academic year. One of the most active days of the year is something called Mack Gives Back. Mack Gives Back is a day of community service, held in honor of the fallen heroes and others of the local community in need. Past and present warriors, professors, and staff members come together to help assist those who need it. The last few years, Merrimack College has had students volunteer at places such as the Lawrence Fire Department, Elmwood Cemetery, the Lawrence Common, and the Atria Senior Living Facility.

In 2013, Mack Gives Back Day had about 600 members of the Merrimack College community come help out. The tasks the students are given to perform come in a wide array of options, but all participants end the day with a bright smile and extreme gratitude in their hearts. Days like Mack Gives Back, which gives college students and others the ability to help out their community that needs them, really helps build the moral character of the people in the close knit Merrimack College community. Helping others the way the patron saint of Merrimack College Saint Augustine did helps promote a sense of value, of community, and helps build character of the individual who sets aside time in their busy lives to help out others.

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