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Life After Mr. Merrimack

Ashley Yenick ’14, Copy Editor

Life After Mr. Merrimack

Every year at Merrimack, the junior class council plans an event called “Mr. Merrimack.” At each of the pageants, male students compete in three categories – talent, swimwear, and question-and-answer – to earn the coveted sash and crown.

Last year, now-senior John Pellerin took home the title after wowing the crowds with his theatrical performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody” (and his way with a grass skirt), beating out Lucky Henry, Sam Novicki, Matt O’Neil,  Dario Leone and PC Wan. We caught up with Pellerin this year to see what it’s like to be famous.

Ashley Yenick: So John, what is life like after Mr. Merrimack?

John Pellerin: I felt like more students knew who I was but no one really approached me unless they knew me before and now called me “Mr. Merrimack” jokingly. I really felt the same except I felt like I had to be a better role model because now I was a large representative of the college.

AY: Do you still wear your Mr. Merrimack essentials around campus? (i.e., sash, crown, and staff)

JP: No I don’t. I just wore them for the weekend of homecoming and the competition to promote the event.

AY: Do people still recognize you as Mr. Merrimack?

JP: Yes, but only people in my grade.

AY: Are there any privileges as Mr. Merrimack that you had that you miss?

JP:  I miss being able to go into the Blue Line Club at a hockey game for free.

AY: Do you have any advice for the students participating this year? 

JP:  Be willing to make fun of yourself and have fun doing it. Also take time to plan out each part, don’t go in without a plan.

After speaking briefly with John, we consulted his friend, Senior Chris Mason on John’s Mr. Merrimack title: “I think Mr. Merrimack is really only the tip of the iceberg in terms of John Pellerin and male beauty pageants.”

Mr. Merrimack 2013 will take place this November in the Roger center on campus. John will be handing over his Mr. Merrimack title to the next winner of Mr. Merrimack.

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