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Joke of the Week

Colin Flannery ’14, Staff Writer¬†
So, there was this guy fishing and he was having a great deal of success. He had a couple of tubs of nice trout sitting on the bank when the game warden came by.

“Nice catch. Not only would that be way over the limit, but this isn’t even trout season”

The old fisherman says “Why officer, I’m not fishing. I didn’t catch these. These here are pet fish. I’m just taking them out for some exercise. This here line is their leash. But they’re pretty well trained. They come when I call them”

The warden scoffed “You expect me to believe that!? This is going to cost you big time — one count for each fish.”

The fisherman said “Sure. I can show you. If I let them loose they’ll come right back to me.

The Warden replies “You show me that and I won’t even write you a ticket.”

The old guy gets up and dumps both tubs of fish in the water and they swim away. After a couple of minutes the warden demands:

“OK. Let’s see you call them back.”

The old guy says “What do you mean call them back?”

The warden says “Call the fish back!”

The old man looks slowly around left and right and then says “What fish?”

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