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Jackie’s Farewell

By Jackie Vlahos

Media Editor


I came to Merrimack College as a sophomore transfer student, and the one thing that I knew I wanted out of this experience was to be a part of something. On a whim, I signed up to be a staff writer/photographer for The Beacon, and three years later, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made as a Merrimack student. Being a part of something became much more than just being a student in a club. For me, they became family.

At the end of my sophomore year, Kara Joyce, the editor-in-chief at the time, reached out to me, asking if I would interview for a position on the editorial staff of the newspaper. At the time, I hadn’t given much thought to becoming an editor, but I decided to go for it. I interviewed for the position of design editor and now, as a senior, I am the media editor. This experience has allowed me to expand on my passion and turn a hobby into a career.
I want to convey my heartfelt thanks to the entire Beacon staff, both past and present, whom I have had the privilege of working with. My biggest thanks go to Kara Joyce, Gretchen Grosky and Brooke Coupal. Kara led me into this position, and Gretchen, our advisor, and Brooke, the current Editor-in-chief, both encouraged me to continue to pursue photography. Without them, I wouldn’t have the courage to move to New York City and pursue a photographic journalism career.