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Intramurals Advance Technologically

Stephen Tullgren, ’13, Standards Editor


Recently the intramural program has undergone a major switch in how students sign up for and learn more about the different sports.  Matthew Gordon, assistant director of student involvement, brought www.imleagues.com to Merrimack College. It is a wildly popular website that organizes the schedule, rosters, standings, and league rules.

When asked why he switched, Gordon said, “We wanted to become greener, the rules are now available online, we have a handbook, standings and schedules are easily accessible, and players can track their intramural career online in the same fashion as fantasy sports.”

“Over 300 schools utilize this website,” he goes on to say, “It’s the way of the future, as everything goes onto the internet.”

So far the feedback he has heard has been positive, and the interest level as well. “Everyone says it’s easy and cool because you can link it with Facebook,” Gordon said. “It will get some getting used to, but it’s for the better.”

At the time this article was written there were 46 teams signed up, including men’s, women’s, and co-ed basketball, ice hockey, and co-ed indoor soccer.

Junior Andre Mayer said, “Although it is different, it is easy and a lot more organized. It was so fast I did it in five minutes during class.”

Although the number of teams is set when this article comes out, teams can add members until 3 p.m. on the day of the game until the second week of games ends.

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