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Intramural Sports are Underway

Connor McGowan, Staff Writer ’15

The 2014-15 school year is officially back and students are beginning to adjust to life back at school. The adjustment back to academics can be tough but once settled students will find they have plenty of down time between classes and assignments.

One of the ways Merrimack College helps keep students busy is by offering a variety of different intramural sports for both genders throughout the course of the school year. Intramural sports are a great way to stay active, compete, stay involved, and most of all have fun. The best part — getting involved in intramural sports is very easy, and Merrimack has done a great job of making sure schedules do not conflict with classroom hours and varsity sports.

Merrimack’s Student Life has broken the intramural sports schedule into four quarters, two per semester. The following is a chart that breaks down the intramural sports season, according to the school’s website.

Fall 1st Quarter Fall 2nd Quarter Spring 3rd Quarter Spring 4th Quarter
Mens+Coed Outdoor Soccer Open League Floor Hockey Coed 5 vs. 5 Indoor Basketball M, W, and Coed Dodgeball
Coed Vollyball Coed Broomball M+W Ice Hockey M+W Softball
Coed Softball M+W 5 vs. 5 Indoor Basketball Coed Indoor Soccer Coed Kickball
M+W 4 on 4 Flag Football Singles and Doubles Open League Billiards Open Single and Doubles Badminton Open 4 vs. 4 Flag Football
M+W 3 on 3 Outdoor Basketball Open Wiffleball

With such a variety of different sports throughout the school year, it makes it extremely easy to be involved and participate in sports that you like, or may want to try out.

When asked about his experience with intramural sports over the past three years, senior Sean Talbot stated “Playing intramural sports has kept me busy each semester with a game or so a week. Being able to play organized hockey has been huge considering I played my entire life. So it’s just been an easy way to stay active and keep playing sports.”

If anyone has any interest in intramural sports or any questions about signing up or people to contact, the Intramural Director can be reached at (978) 837-5512. You can also visit the intramural sports and recreation page www.Merrimack.edu, click on the tab student life, then click the “Getting Involved” tab on the right side of the page. From there there is a list of options. At the top of the list simply select “Intramural Sports and Recreation.”

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