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Intramural and Club Sports Continue with a New Look

Shaun McAvoy ’22

Associate Sports Editor

Like many other things at Merrimack, the way that intramural and club sports are run will be different than in years past. Due to the postponement of fall sports by the Northeast Conference, the club sports teams here at Merrimack cannot compete and play against other schools. That does not mean that club sports are not happening this year. Multiple club sports teams have already been cleared by the school to practice and will most likely be able to play in extended seasons during the spring. 

Intramural sports are also going to have a different look this year. Since playing full contact sports like basketball, football, and hockey are not as safe to do on campus due to the difficulty of social distancing while playing, Merrimack needed to figure out a different way to run intramural sports. Alternative intramural sports include things like cornhole, kan jam, and three point and free throw contests. These intramural sports will be primarily played on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and they will be open to anyone who walks over and wants to play. 

Some of these sports events, such the three point contest, also offer prizes for completing the competitions. Instead of competing for a championship, this year, when you win a match you will earn points for your dorm, similar to the house cup from the Harry Potter series. The dorm that has the most points at the end of the semester will be crowned the winners and receive their prize. By conducting intramural sports this way, Merrimack College can safely allow students to have fun and compete against each other.