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Internship vs. Externship

Kristen Lindner ‘15

Staff Writer                                              

An externship is a short-term practical work immersion (usually 3-5 days) that allows students to observe professionals on the job and gain a hands-on understanding of an industry or career track of interest.

Externships are the perfect opportunity for seniors that may have run out of time to do a long internship program, or for freshman and sophomores that are still trying to determine their career interests or want to explore different industries. Senior Pat Minihan says, “I have started looking at externships because being a senior I don’t have time to do a full internship. The externship program is a great opportunity for me to still get the experience I am looking for.” Another senior, Cory Decesar, said, “I am going to look further into this program because I like the idea that externships are much shorter than a full on internship.”

If you are interested in an externship you can head on over to the O’Brien Center for Student Success where they will be able to assist students in matching them with employers who match their career interests and goals. Externships are offered during Winter Break and Spring Break. They are very important in gaining professional experience that could lead to networking with employers, internships, or even for future employment.

The O’Brien center helps to prepare students for real world and assists all students in career preparation. “I have already had a few internships but if this program was available back when I was a freshman I would have definitely took advantage of it,” said senior Areil Eromin. I think it helps students with the processing of figuring out what they want to do as a career, which as a freshman or sophomore can sometimes be difficult.”

A few companies that students have been able to get an externship at are NESN, Weston and Sampson, Buttonwoods Museum, Essex County Sheriff’s Department, Lawrence General Hospital, Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital, EMARC, Teradyne, and Advocator Group.

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