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The Beacon is the best and most efficient way to reach the Merrimack College Community which consists of almost 5,000 students and over 1,000 employees. Through our print publications and online media, we reach our readers on a daily basis.

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Business Card Ad
3” x 2.5″
Black & White



Quarter Page
5” x 6.25″
Black & White



Half Page
10.25” x 6.25” (Horizontal)
5″ x 12.75″ (Vertical)
Black & White



Full Page
10.25” x 12.25”
Black & White

Color: $150.00 surcharge


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Beacon Advertising Policy
Adopted November 2014

The Merrimack Beacon, the student newspaper at Merrimack College, on occasion accepts advertising material for compensation from organizations or individuals on- and off-campus, subject to approval by the editorial board, at rates to be determined and published annually.

The Beacon may offer discounted rates to on-campus individuals or organizations, or to any frequent advertiser, as deemed appropriate by the editorial board. The editorial board also reserves the right from time to time to change advertising rates to comport with readership data, with due notice to regular clients.

As a general practice, the Beacon will not accept advertising that

  1. Attacks or deliberately offends any group or individual based solely upon status or belief system.
  2. Promotes or endorses products or services illegal in Massachusetts.
  3. Promotes or endorses products or services anathema to the Catholic Church.
  4. Promotes other undergraduate institutions or encourages students to attend another undergraduate institution.

In these cases, and others not specified here, the editorial board’s judgment will determine the fitness of advertising material. The board may, from time to time, consult with the Director of Student Involvement and/or the Dean of Campus Life in determining fitness, and will be guided by their advice.

Issue Release Date

September 25

October 9

October 23

November 6

November 20

December 11

February 5

February 19

March 4

April 1

April 15

April 29

Submission Date

September 21

October 5

October 19

November 2

November 16

December 7

February 1

February 15

February 29

March 28

April 11

April 25