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Nemo Finds Merrimack

Jillian Toce ’13, News Editor 

Plans for handling Nemo began at Merrimack as soon as the blizzard was forecast. Two large college-wide meetings on Feb. 7, the day before the storm, focused on snow removal, contingency plans in the case of a power outage, dining services, events, RAVE alerts, and other communication plans.

The events affected by the storm included the 100 Days senior event and numerous athletic events.

“We were very fortunate to not have lost power,” said Sara Hicks, the director of resident life. To help prepare for the snowstorm, her office picked up extra food and snacks for each residence hall. Extra “Welcome Week” mugs were donated by the Office of Student Involvement, along with hot chocolate for residents. As a safety measure – campus officials “erred on the side of safety from all fronts,” Hicks said – the college barred guests and registered events for the weekend, but there were plenty of games and other activities brought to the residence halls.

Many students were asked to shovel out their cars, and most reported it was a positive experience.

“When I got the news that I had to go shovel my car out, I headed for the parking lot and saw everyone helping each other out with bins and shovels and anything else they could find,” said junior Mary Unis. “It turned into a really fun and rewarding experience for all involved. Everyone made the best out of the massive amounts of snow and I think that it showed how willing everyone here is to help out their peers. “ Unis also made use of the time she had stuck inside.

“I think that Nemo turned out to be a great experience for the residents of Merrimack, especially myself, because I had a lot of roommate bonding time,” she said.

The college-wide recap meeting needed to be rescheduled, but the general consensus was that the storm impacted Merrimack less than it could have. The campus did not lose power and clean-up crews worked hard to support the campus.

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