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Valley Turns out for Scott Brown

By Patrick Lawlor, ’13, Editor in Chief

Merrimack students stayed up late to watch an interesting election unfold, after a day in which Massachusetts voters turned out in droves to vote for who they wanted to lead the nation. President Obama won in Essex County, tallying 208,723 votes, which was good for 57.5 percent of the county.

Challenger Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, racked up 149,808 votes, 41.2 percent of the county. Statewide, Obama took 1,900,000 votes, ringing in 60.8 percent of the total, while the former state house chief executive took 1,177,370, good for only 37.6 percent of the votes in Commonwealth.

In addition to keeping a Democrat in the Oval Office, Bay Staters put one back in Ted Kennedy’s former seat. Incumbent Scott Brown, whose advertisements touted his bipartisan politics, was ousted, making way for Elizabeth Warren to become the first female senator in Massachusetts.

The Merrimack Valley was an important district for Brown, but it wasn’t enough for the Wrentham Republican. In Andover, Brown beat Warren’s 8,012 with 10,538, and also took North Andover beating Warren’s 5,791 with 9,311. On the ballot questions, voters gave the nod to the Right to Repair movement as well as the Medical Marijuana questions. They denied, however, the Death with Dignity proposal.

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