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Mack Gives Back

Sarah Buckwald ‘14, Staff Writer

With the activities and excitement for Halloween coming to end, Veterans Day is right around the corner. Instead of the traditional celebratory events, Merrimack is showing respect and honor by giving back in a new fashion this year.

On Nov. 10, Merrimack students and faculty will be a part of a new campus event called “Mack Gives Back.” Not only is the event being held in favor of St. Augustine’s birthday, which is on Nov.13, but it also recognizes Merrimack’s history with veterans.

The college was founded to educate soldiers coming home from World War II, so the school will always keep veterans close to its heart. “Mack Gives Back” offers students and staff the opportunity to fulfill a day of volunteering. Volunteers will sign up to provide their services at local volunteer destinations such as the Boys & Girls Club, Bread & Roses, and the Lawrence Department of Public Works. More than 400 members of the Merrimack Community have registered so far to participate.

During this service day, there are two time slots to volunteer, which are from 9:00 to 1:00 and noon to 4:00. This great experience reaches out to those in need, bringing the Merrimack community closer at the same time.

The event encourages students and organizations to work together for a good cause. The main idea of this event is to perform acts of service towards mostly veterans, but it also emphasizes appreciating the everyday things we take for granted.

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