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Hofmann Now at VCU

Patrick J. Lawlor ’13, Editor in Chief

Former Athletic Director Glenn Hofmann, who resigned during an exhaustive investigation by a law firm hired by Merrimack, is now at Virginia Commonwealth University. Hofmann’s employment with VCU was confirmed by Scott Day, assistant athletic director for athletic communications.

The VCU athletic director, Ed McLaughlin, was Hofmann’s boss at Niagara University, where Hofmann served as an associate athletic director for external relations. McLaughlin left his post as athletic director at Niagara last July to join VCU. McLaughlin was employed at Merrimack College from 1997 to 2000.

Merrimack accepted Hofmann’s resignation in late August after he had been on leave since early July. The investigation, led by attorneys at Bingham McCutchen, focused on matters that were “personnel based,” which the college does not comment on. Before moving to VCU, Hofmann worked at Smolak Farms in North Andover, an apple orchard that also sells doughnuts. Merrimack is still wrestling with how it will replace Hofmann.

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  1. sam rankin

    hofmann’s resignation, and subsequently his wife’s, followed a long, costly investigation. the school obviously cared deeply enough about the “matter” to hire a legal firm to conduct the investigation, and cared deeply enough about covering up the matter to do an exceptional job of keeping a lid on any information about it.
    a comment in this paper following the resignation could lead one to believe that sexual “misconduct” could have been at the root of the investigation and his resignation.
    does anyone know more about what went on?

    1. N R

      No info on Hoffman here, but can tell you that the VCU community is not going to be happy about this one bit, considering recent events surrounding the VCU women’s volleyball coach. I understand that both Hoffman and Ed McLaughlin spent time at Merrimack. Wondering if any current or former students can offer insight into either man’s tenure at Merimack. It seems quite obvious that they are bosom buddies and I’d be willing to bet that they come from the same mold.

      1. sam rankin

        i wouldn’t bet against you.
        i hope someone will shed some light on what happened at merrimack. it will be interesting to see what is in the can that the vcu athletic director mclaughlin has opened by hiring hoffman.

  2. “Merrimack is still wrestling with how it will replace Hofmann.” Mmmmmmmmm……. wrestling……..isn’t that the exact behavior that got Hofmann in trouble. -XOXO love you Glenn, Handsome Lad Wrestling Team for life!!!

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