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What You're Reading: The Beacon

Patrick Lawlor, The Beacon’s Editor in Chief


Patrick J. Lawlor ’13,  Editor


In just a few short years The Beacon has gone from the leaky basement of the Monican Centre to the third floor of O’Brien Hall with a spectacular view of our campus — overlooking one of the new construction projects at Merrimack.

Our rise on campus has been physical, as well as metaphorical. Like Merrimack, we have momentum. This year, we have the largest editorial board in the paper’s history, eight upperclassman at the helm of news production on campus.

We have over 20 staff writers, many enrolled in our Communications course, and a handful engaged in the student organization. All these numbers are exciting, the college has grown, we have grown, and with that growth, our responsibility to our readers grows. We’re going to give you the things we know you like to read: the Police Log and Questions on the Quad. But we are not an entertainment magazine; we are not an arm of the administration.

When we see something, we say something. We investigate, we uncover truths, and we make editorial decisions. We do all this because we think it is important. The Merrimack community has placed the first amendment in our hands, so we are not going to take that lightly.

In July, The Beacon reported that Glenn Hofmann, Merrimack’s athletic director was placed on leave. There were numerous reports by newspapers all across the northeast. On blogs, comment pages, and online forums, journalists and readers speculated on what might have prompted the leave.

Hofmann’s wife, also a college administrator was placed on leave at the same time. The college hired a prestigious Boston law firm to investigate Hofmann. After months of an exhaustive investigation, the college released a statement to employees on Aug. 28 that the college would accept the resignation of Hofmann.

The email also stated that the investigation of Hofmann involved allegations of misconduct. The Beacon had been investigating similar allegations of misconduct involving Hofmann since spring 2012. The issues confirmed by the investigation were “personnel based,” and as a policy, the college does not discuss such matters.

This investigation may seem mysterious and full of grey areas, but The Beacon responded in every way possible, utilizing every resource possible, as we would do if any senior administrator were placed on leave.

With all this behind us, we must forge ahead. Leadership in the athletic department has been placed in the capable hands of Dean O’Keefe, and construction projects are in process. The Beacon will move forward, as we always do. We will provide you dedicated, passionate reporting when we can. Breaking news can be accessed online at www.merrimacknewspaper.com, our Twitter feeds, and Facebook pages. We’re glad to have you with us.

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