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Option Adds Zip to Student Travel

Marrissa Diaz ’15 Staff Writer

As part of the initiatives set forth by Campus Life, there are now two Zipcars in the Sakowich parking lot to help students at Merrimack get off campus without the difficulty of driving their own cars to campus.

The goals of this service are to allow the students of Merrimack College to rent one of two Zipcars for a low hourly rate of $7.50 or a daily rate of $69. All you have to do is be 18 years or older and simply sign up at www.zipcar.com/merrimack and pay a $25 membership fee. In one to two weeks students will have a Zipcard sent to them and from there they will have 24 hours a day, seven days a week access to the two Zipcars on campus.

The great feature that comes with signing up through Merrimack College is that students receive a student discount on the hourly rates as well as the luxury of having both the gas and insurance paid for by Zipcar. This is all part of Zipcars University Plan, that helps schools like Merrimack bring this service to their campus. Amanda Unis, coordinator of housings and residential services, describes Zipcar as a service that “gives the convenience of having access to a car without having a car.”

As of Sept. 25, close to 40 students had already signed up and are enjoying the benefits of having Zipcars on campus. This new addition to campus not only brings relief to students without cars, but it also helps to reduce the need for students to have cars creating less overcrowding in the resident parking lots.

While there are only two Zipcars on campus this semester there may be more in Merrimack’s future. This is dependent on the amount of use that these Zipcars get this year. For more information on Zipcars visit the Office of Residence Life on the third floor of the Sakowich Campus Center.

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