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'Her Campus' Makes Merrimack Debut

By Christine Yee ’13, Staff Writer

There has been a recent buzz around campus about a new online magazine publication offered to the students at Merrimack College. Popular throughout many campuses around the nation, Her Campus magazine has brought excitement for aspiring writers, photographers and readers of every kind.

It brings the social aspects of what is happening at Merrimack in a relaxed social setting. Targeted to current and potential Merrimack students, the fun and energetic magazine is one both women and men can enjoy. The greatest asset of Her Campus is that it is operated, edited, and marketed by two of Merrimack’s very own.

Her Campus’s Editor in Chief, Sarah Buckwald, junior, knew Her Campus magazine was her calling. She knew, early on, that previous internships and interests in journalism would allow her to use her creativity and build a strong experience in the editorial field.

But she could not run the magazine alone. Sarah asked her friend, Joanna Kingston, junior, whose previous experience in newspaper editing and blogging were skilled assets needed to run the business side. Kingstonf is excited about Her Campus magazine because “we can get viewers and followers from on and off campus in hopes of gaining popularity with current as well as future students.” Together they formed a partnership splitting the reins between Editor in Chief and Director of Business.

While both ladies contribute time and effort in writing articles, Buckwald puts her concentration on assigning stories, making edits and publishing the magazine once a week. Kingston has been working profusely on the marketing and social aspects, running the Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. B

uckwald, Kingston and their team of writers have been working around the clock in preparing for their first issue, launching on Tuesday Sept. 25. With all this excitement, there is no telling who or what will be placed in the magazine. No one knows who is going to be voted as the next campus cutie or celebrity. Buckwald describes Her Campus as “the college version of Cosmo” with its advice on dating, health, internship opportunities and so much more.

The magazine offers health and beauty tips, campus news, polls, and photo blog. As Kingston stated, viewers are not limited to Merrimack’s campus. All of Her Campus’s publications are available to the public, through any campus, anytime. So how did the idea of Her Campus get started? Three female undergraduates from Harvard University, entered Harvard’s business plan competition, i3 Innovation Challenge in March 2009.

Upon winning, they moved from working on Harvard College’s fashion and lifestyle online magazine to their very own Her Campus. The three founders, Windsor Hanger, Stephanie Kaplan and Annie Wang are named Business Week’s 25 Under 25 Best Young Entrepreneurs, Inc. Magazine’s 30 Under 30 Coolest Young Entrepreneurs, Glamour Magazine’s 20 Amazing Young Women and The Boston Globe’s 25 Most Stylish Bostonians.

Inspired by their founders, Buckwald and Kingston are our very own entrepreneur jumpstarting a magazine, with the help of student writers and photographers. The ladies are open to all forms of ideas and suggestions which can be submitted through Her Campus website. Buckwald stated, “As of now, Merrimack does not have a lot to offer in the journalism field. So, bringing Her Campus to Merrimack opens many opportunities for creative freelance writers.”

Since they just released the first publication, they want to report on what readers want to hear, talk about and continue seeing. Like what you read? Follow them at www.hercampus. com/merrimack, on Facebook at Her Campus at Merrimack College, on Twitter @HCMerrimack, or for Pinterest, Pinterest.com/ HerCampus MC. For anyone who’s interested in writing or photography for Her Campus, contact SarahBuckwald@HerCampus.com or Joanna Kingston@HerCampus.com

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