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An Alarming End to Recent Nights

By Dana Hildner ’13 Staff Writer

Within the first weeks of the school year, fire alarms were pulled three times in the St. Thomas and St. Ann apartments. The false alarms went off in the early hours of Sept. 16, irritating the residents. Police quickly arrested three non-students in the crime spree (see Police Log).

“The pulling of the fire alarm was inconvenient and annoying for everyone who was affected. The people who pulled the alarm may have thought they were having fun, but at 4 a.m., it was too much.The last thing I wanted to do was stand out in the cold for 20 minutes in the middle of the night while the police were figuring out what happened,” said senior and D Tower resident Corey Lunney.

If students were found responsible for false alarms they would face serious consequences from the college as well as criminal penalties, said Assistant Dean of Students Allison Gill. “The student handbook does indicate a mandatory minimum sanction of loss of housing for any student found responsible for intentionally or recklessly causing a fire alarm,” said Gill.

With the weekly occurrence of the fire alarm going off students are not only aggravated, but becoming jaded. “It’s annoying because the last thing I want to do at 3 in the morning is go outside in the cold. It makes the real alarms less effective, because after them being pulled multiple times people stop evacuating the building and do not take them seriously,” said Marissa Keach, a senior and a resident of apartment L.

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