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Alexandra Maas ’14, Staff Writer

Construction on the new residence hall and Volpe Athletic Complex has brought an abundance of workers, tools and backhoes onto campus. Where do you put these extra people and vehicles? In the parking lots, of course.

This poses a problem for faculty and students looking to park their cars. The Volpe lot is now used as a staging area for construction necessities and workers’ parking. Half the lot is reopened after 5:30 p.m., and is used by night students and hockey game spectators.

On Monday the Deegan West parking lot will also be closed and used as construction housing. This is a temporary issue; both lots will be restored to full use when the buildings are completed. To remedy the parking issue at hand, the school created more spots around Sullivan Hall and the Collegiate Church.

These spots will remain after the construction ends, according to the president’s office. “When we have parking spots we don’t get rid of them,” said Jeff Doggett, chief of staff for President Christopher E. Hopey

The spots are crammed and described as “dangerous and confusing” by students like sophomore Meghan Brophy. No accidents have been reported thus far. Commuters were given designated parking in this area but some have complained that those spots are not always available to them.

The influx in the student population has allegedly added to the problem. Juniors and seniors are expected to have already purchased their parking passes. There are now 150 spots left for sophomores. If fewer than 150 students sign up for these spots they will each get a pass; however, if the number exceeds 150, the spots will be put into a lottery.

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